• Image of ~ ‘Sisters of the Tides’ ~ Seawitch’s Talisman
  • Image of ~ ‘Sisters of the Tides’ ~ Seawitch’s Talisman

Sisters of the tides are we,
Bound by sand and salt and sea.
Selkie, siren mermaid daughters,
Priestesses of the holy waters.
~ A. M Galdorcraeft.

Only one of each is available.

Various Enchanted Selkie Treasures adorned with treasured gemstones (pearls, opals, amethyst & onyx), ships, shells, shimmering selkie skin and precious sea life.

Moontide ~ with moon, ship, pearl & onyx.
The Low Tide Ritual ~ with shells & black pearl.
The Sea is Calling ~ with dangling shells & ship and a single white pearl.
The Starlit Sea ~ with starfish, clam shell & opal.
She Was Born of Ocean Breath ~ with seahorse & amethyst ~ SOLD
Wild & Free ~ with starfish, selkie skin, clam shell & white pearl.

Each pendant is sterling silver and will come suspended on an 18” sterling silver chain.